PGG Articles Ordered by Author

Captured from the Usenet Oracle
Winning The Lottery
Captured From The Usenet Oracle
Antigravity, The Feline Butterology Theory
Aas, Ragnar
Norway, Earth
Bug And The Banana, The
Agay, James
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, Earth
Bars, European
Aldous, Matthew David
Andersen, Mark
Fishing, The Art Of
Andersson, Rickard
Vi Editor, A Beginner's Guide
Goedel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
Andersson, Rickard
Stories, Short
Vi Editor, A Less Beginner's Guide
Ice Cubes
Encyclopedia Galactica
Inspiration, Lack Of
Gotska Sandoen, Sweden, Earth
Abbreviations, List Of
Opinions On UFOs
Metric Prefixes
Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis
Lobsters, Cooking
First Aid For Non-Medically Minded Persons
Atkins, Robert M
Cameras, How To Make Money Using
Aucoin, Nicole
Guinea Pig, Being A
Ocho Rios, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica, West Indies, Earth
Where News Articles Go Until They Reappear
Baier, Matt
Creating A Religion, The Art Of
Universal Reduction Theory, The
Ozarks, The Lake Of The, Missouri, USA, Earth
Country Music, A Guide To
Topeka, Kansas, USA, Earth
Black Holes, An Informational Manual
Dimensions, Number Of
Baker, Steven William
Alley Rally '94 - A Bowling Oddysey
Bale, Scott
Computer Malfunctions
Rules Of Car Chasing
Mars, Hailing A Taxi On
Barbera, Paul
Hockessin, Delaware, USA, Earth
Barkman, Henrik O A
Sweden: The True Story
Ice Cream-Induced Killing Frenzy
Celsius, Anders
Bednorz, Kim
X-Files, 20 Things You Need To Know About The
Berger, Andrea
InterRail And Eurail
Blews, Tony
Random Dot Stereograms
Stafford, England, UK, Earth
Train Journeys, Ten Ways To Liven Up
Passive Drinking
Live Action Roleplaying
Cheating At Pool
Blews, Anthony John
Cheating At Darts
Tetanus Injections
Bleyer, Michael
Gruenau, Namibia, Africa, Earth
Nerd Bingo
Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, Nagarkot, Nepal, Asia, Earth
Bowen, Daniel
Party Hints
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Earth
Australia, Earth
Bowman, Daniel A
Top Ten Traveling Songs
Mars, Composition Of
Mars, Possibility Of Life On
Braddy, Jason
Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Earth
Briscoe-Smith, Charles Peter
Extinction Of Species
Brokaw, Miss Amber
High School
Brown, Ian
Luton, England, UK, Earth
Bruce, Stuart
Stockport, Close To Manchester, Grim North, England, UK, Earth
Stockport Grammar School, Stockport, UK, Earth
Bruce, Stuart
Outside The Ram's Head, Disley Near Manchester, England, UK, Earth
The 1970s Revival, Just Outside Watford, England, UK, Earth
Hazel Grove, Near Manchester, England, UK, Earth
Pseudonym, A Really Great Guy (With Fan Club)
E-Mail War
Buebl, Felix
Buhler, Jeremy Daniel
Rice Village, Houston, Texas, USA, Earth
C, Goran
Fourqueux, Yvelines, France, Earth
Hiking In France, Earth
Campbell, Ian
Reciprocity Bugs
Canavan, Gerry
Death And The Afterlife
Tripythgoras VII
Mail-Order Contest, American
Carosone, Daniel
Casey, Stephen
Ireland, Earth
Wolverhampton, England, UK, Earth
Chamberlain, Alex
Champion, Jim
Firewalking For Fun
Cheetham, Jim
Bluffer's Guides, The
Clavister, The Grand
Golf Ball, Successive Layers Within A
Clegg, Paul Jason
Clegg, Paul Jason
Country Music
Vineland, New Jersey, USA, Earth
Shoemaker-Levy 9
Atlantic City Race Course, Hamilton Township, New Jersey, USA, Earth
Delivered Pizza, Grand Unification Theory Of
Cook, Neil
Vehicles To Cruise The Infobahn
Corcoran, Travis JI
Corley, Jason
Craghead, Sam
Cronenweth, Mark A
Lawn Ornaments
Crook, James
Monty Python
Putting Your Foot In It, The Art Of
Examinations, Fifty Ways To Fail
Red Dwarf
Cats, The Conspiracy Theory
Formula 1, The World Of
Cutshall, Alexander E
Ogden, Utah, USA, Earth
Tony Roma's
Davis, Scott
Austin, Texas, USA, Earth
Dawson, A D
Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Earth
Oregon, USA, Earth
Dean, Ian
Cairns, Queensland, Australia, Earth
C Language And Unix System Are Jokes
Deen, Maarten
Trains, Old, In The Netherlands, Earth
Deun, Dirk Van
Chicken And Egg Dilemma
Deun, Dirk van
Turnhout, Belgium, Europe, Earth
Love; If You Really Loved Me, You Wouldn't ...
Dirk van Deun
Knights Of The Command Line, The
Dickens, J David
Dickson, Craig
Dietrich, Karli, Michael Bleyer
Walking Out Of Comic Shops In Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany, Earth
Dillon, Brendan R
Duct Tape
Dinechin, Florent de
Euro Disney, Marne-le-Vallee, France, Earth
Lenin Museum, Moscow, Russia, Earth
Lyon, France, Europe, Earth
Dore', Brian K
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Earth
Durbin, Kathy
Grappling The Internet Puzzle
Dykeman, Mark Andrew
Longest Covered Bridge In The World (Earth), The
Edstrom, Tomas
Barkman, Henrik O A
Elliott, Tom
Drivers With Hats
Ellis, Sean
Meteor Strike, Recommended Procedures In Case Of A
Ellwanger, Jim
Subway System, New York City, New York, USA, Earth
Elwing, Vincent
Mating Habits Of The McBain Initial
Farrell, Thomas
Professions: System Administrator
Fat, Paul B Tjon Sie
Perception And "Usefulness"
Feland, David B
Caramilk Bars - The Biggest Secret In The Universe
Fitzner, Kurt
Canada, Earth
Flarup, Kaare Rud
Jehovah's Witnesses
Forrest, Andrew
Exterminating Human-Kind
Friend, James R
Sanity, The Problem Of
Fudd, Elmer
Garland, Robert
Writing Style, Douglas Adams'
Wheelchair, Definition Of A
Wheelchairs, Getting Through Doorways In
Wheelchair, Getting Out Of A
Wheelchair, Having Fun In A
Garland, Robert Shawn
Dallas, Texas, USA, Earth
Gastineau, Scott
Scott's Insurance
Geduld, Daniel J
Taco Moose
Giglio, P
Crowded Bus, Things To Do In A
Glasser, Charles
Law School Necessities
Glazer, Scott Mathew
Reno, Nevada, USA, Earth
Travel Necessities
Glendenning, Dianne
Goldman, Jeremy
Walking Through Mountains
Recreational Impossibilities
Goodman, Don Edward, Jr
Haagen Dazs Day
Ladies' Room, The
Grace, Chris
Curry And The Ozone Layer
Grant, Mark
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, UK, Earth
Bad Taste
Night Of The Comet
Bangkok, Urban Survival Techniques
Capital Hostel, Jerusalem, Israel, Earth
Future Cafe, Hong Kong, China, Earth
Happy Family Hostel II, Taipei, Taiwan
Cafe@Boatquay, Boat Quay, Singapore, Earth
Cyberpub, Bangkok, Thailand, Earth
Gray , Claire V
Red Button, The
Gregor, Jenni
Computer Jargon Made Easy
greyfax, Chuck Noonan aka
More Great Places And Buildings To Not Jump Off
Greyshadow, Rudrik
Kibo, Who Is
Gurley, Nicholas
Languages: Spanish, A Primer
Languages: Irish, A Primer
Politically Correct, How To Be
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, Earth
Haarsma, Loren
Car Talk
Harvard Square, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Earth
Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada, Earth
Ligantis, Justice Lipo
Haarsma, Loren, Andrew Mark Kuchling
Problems With Democracy
What To Do When Your Elected Head Of State Embarrasses You
Hall, David Carroll
Damn, God
Antartoth II, Camping On
Hammond, Lawrence
Scaring Children
Hanna, Roger
Monkeys, Barrel Of
Amber Lights, Life Has None
Harmon, Jonathan David
Clio, Michigan, USA, Earth
Skipping Along The Trail To Acheron
Harmon, Jonathan David
Michigan, USA, Earth
Jolt Cola
Tunneling Theory Of Sock Disappearance
TV People
Incident At Roswell, The
Harp, Greg
Ka-Dink Effect, The
Harvey, Adrian James
Junk Mail, How To Avoid
Hassell, Leif Austin
Light, Space, Time, And Imagination
Hattendorf, Kai
Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany, Earth
Hausmann, Ben
Haveman, John
Arguments, Infinitely Prolonging
Hayden, Robert A
Code Of The Geeks
Heffron, David
Wrong Telephone Numbers
Hellwig, Lisa Stalnaker
Toilet Paper, Replacing
Hewitt, Susan and Edward Subitzky
Scientific Truth In Product Warning Labels
Hill, Craig
Hillary, Jeff
Immortality, What To Do When You Have Acquired
Hogstrom, Jesper
Dark Suckers
Holmes, Dennis
Definitely Correct Speech
Honkamaa, Petri Mikael
Finland, Earth
Hopkins, Mark
Light, Speed Of, Why It Is Finite
Howells, Nancy A
Devilled Ham
Hubbard, Jordan
Krishna And Rama
Imperfekt, Mazda
Sweden, Earth
Ingebrethsen, Stein
Shoe Civilisation
Jakubaas, George
Jakubaas, George
Origin Of Stupidity, The
Mayonnaise On Someone's Head, The Art Of Putting
Janes, Peter E
Janes, Peter Edward
Barenaked Ladies
Jockey, Bill Higgins -- Beam
Twinkies In Space
Johaneman, Joseph
Bethel, New York, USA, Earth
May The Forces Be With You
Johansson, Olle
Oestersund, Sweden, Earth
John, Knipper
How To Say "I Love You" In Different Languages
Johnson, Suzanne Patricia
Feline MPD
American Professional Wrestling, Theory Of
Sousaphone Proxy, The
Juul, Peter
Denmark, Earth
Secret Of The @, The
Juul, Peter B
Juul, Peter Bjarke "RockBear"
Karman, Roberth
Skoevde, Sweden, Earth
Linkoeping, Sweden, Earth
Katz, Stephen
Postmodern, How To Be
Kazakov, Dmitry A
Unix Vi Editor, Case Study Of
Kennedy, Leigh J C
University Of Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Earth
London, England, UK, Earth
Kim, John B
Washing Hands After Bathroom
Kirsfeldt, Kristian
Big Red Panel, The
Knoblauch, Klaus v
Berlin, Germany, Earth
Kohles, Jason
Signature Files
Kohles, Jason S
Press Cards, Project Galactic Guide
Downhill Skiing
Kopp, Robert III
Metric System
Chain Letters
Reality Alteration
Kraics, David
Castelle Comte Mal, Palma, Spain, Earth
US Naval Abbreviations
St. Cyr Sur Mur, France, Earth
Kramer, Jeff
Kramer, Jeff
Taco Bell
Shopping, After Midnight
Nursing Homes
Seize The Day
Macintosh PowerBooks
Naps, The Most Convenient Time To Take
Death, Flirting And
Kuchling, Andrew Mark
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth
Program Structure Wars
Langford, Dave
Jargon In British Science Fiction Fandom
Cuisine Unauthentique
Lartigue, Dave A
Leikam, David K
Wine, Amontillado
Levin, Mark
Avoiding Computer Obsolescence
Lewis, Avery
Ciao Coffee House, Clinton Township, Michigan, USA, Earth
Libby, John W
Chickamauga, Georgia, USA, Earth
Liem, Hanno
Solutions To Drinking Problems
Lightwood, Liron
Aura Photograph Technique
Long, Darren
Loomis, Crissman
Lussier, Stephane
Lussier, Stephane
Cool Camping
Macbeth, Evan "Paradox !-)"
Scramble Bands
New Jersey Turnpike
Chester, New Jersey, USA, Earth
University Of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, Earth
Telecommunications, Article II
Magee, Charles
Mathematical Model Of God And Jesus
Maloney, Bryan J
Cats And Dogs
May, Carlos
Tounge Of Frog
May, Timothy C
RSA Broken By The Russians?
McChesney, Scott
Chocolate Milk
McDonald, Dan
Professions: Balloon Animal Sculptor
McKenna, Chuck
Thermonuclear Devices For The Weekend Anarchist
McLintock, Alex
Wine Tasting
Bliss At Imperial College
Pulse, 101 Uses For The Pink Floyd Album
Pedestrian Crossings In High Street Kensington, London, England, UK
Ambient Video
Personal Stereos
Hyneline, R. A.
Playbeing Centrefolds
National Gallery, London, The
McLintock, Alexander Lachlan
Real Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The
FTP, A Boring Article On How To Use
Unix, Part 2
Unix, Part 3
Watford, London, England, UK, Earth
McLintock, Alexander Lachlan
Indexing Books
Cambridge, England, UK, Earth
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England, UK, Earth
Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group (OUSFG)
Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, England, UK, Earth
Grantchester, Near Cambridge, England, UK, Earth
Unix, Part 1
Rocky Horror Picture Show At The Prince Charles Cinema
Encyclopedia Of Science Fiction
Dietary Bachelorisms
Netherlands, Earth
Moon, The
Soushe Awwl Atissu!
Legendary Tree People Of Brent, The (TM)
Sad Bastard Test
Television Addiction
Space Safe Coke Can
Writers' Block
Rocks And Electricity
Sports: Words One Should Know
Active Air
First Day Of The Month
Uuencoding, A Rather Boring Article On
Imperial College Science Fiction Society
Bubble Wrap Game, The
McPartland, Roy Anthony
Dingle, Liverpool, England, UK, Earth
Park Road Sports Centre
Meeken, Luke A
Petite Cola
Meiss, Alan R
Elevators, Fifty Fun Things To Do In
Merkel, Lee
Plutoniad, The
Merkel, Lee J
Genesis Revised
Merriman, David K
Meulen, Roel van der
Jumping Off Cliffs And Other High Places
Means Of Transportation For The Earth-Confined Hitchhiker
Meulen, Roel Van Der
Martial Arts And Farts
Towns Article Writing Guide For Field Researchers
Faking UFOs
Westerbork Array, Westerbork, Drenthe, Netherlands, Earth
Dwingeloo, Drenthe, Netherlands, Earth
Telemarketers, How To Hassle And Deal With
Jellyfish, Imitating A
Weird Units Of Measure
Hostage Situations, Solution To
Ideabank, Instructions For The
Magic: The Gathering
Winning Arguments
GAG, Guaranteed Articles Group
Boskoop, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, Earth
Quantum Mechanics Of Sandwiches In Lunchboxes
Ethereal Travel
Jupiter, Sol 5
Field Researchers, How To Recognize
Venus, Sol 2
Sun, The
Mercury, Sol 1
Humphrey, Sol 10
Life After Death
Afterlife, The
Alternate Universes
Random Dot Stereo Movies
Single Speaker Stereo Signal, The
Fourth Dimension, Creatures From The
Dentist, The
Netherlands, Earth, A Native Writes About The
Old Man In The Mountain, White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA, Earth
Insane, How Do You Prove You Are Not?
Internal Walkman, The
Waddinxveen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, Earth
Easy Living, How To Survive
Dutch Rail, The Leiden-Utrecht Track
Format And Style Policy, The Official Project Galactic Guide
Cirque Du Soleil
Psychic Gravity
Earth Defence Shield
Murphic Field In Daily Life, The
Madurodam, The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, Earth
Hearing Aid, Cheap
Weather, Influencing The
Ice Cream Cascade, The
Weather In The Netherlands
Obscure Cities, The World Of The
Sinterklaas, A Dutch Tradition
Meulen, Roel van der et al
Jellyfish, 1001 Uses Of
Millar, Tom
Miller, Alex
Miner, Jeffrey
M.E.O.W. Treatment
Moore, Christopher L
Invisibility, Practising At Home
Moore, Donald Wayne II
Carpet Weave, The Insanities Of
Morrison , Paul
Kudu Dung Spitting
Morrison, Paul
Elephants, Charging, How To Avoid
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, Earth
Morrison, Paul Fraser
Mosher, MAD
Bradford, England, UK, Earth
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, UK, Earth
Moyle, Matt A
Indian Reservations, USA, Earth
Bemidji, Minnesota, USA, Earth
Muencheberg, Sven
Technical University Of Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Earth
Mundis, Jesse
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Murphy, Bysshe
Beavis And Butthead
Merits Of Beating Your Head Against The Wall, The
Murphy, Christopher W
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA, Earth
Richmond, Virginia, USA, Earth
Murphy, John
Rich, Get
Play: Richard III
Play: Hamlet
Play: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Shaving, Wet, The Art Of
South Park
Nebus, Joseph Francus
Jumping To Prevent Crashing
Newton, Kris Lee
International Cut-Throat Corps Of Earth, The
Nielsen, Richard
Computers, Earth
Intelligent Species, Earth
Niemi, Seppo J
Easy Ways To Save Money
Noll, Daniel P
Jigsaw Puzzles
Nordstrand, Matt Jason
Seattle, Washington, USA, Earth
O'Rourke, Kevin
Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK, Earth
Oberski, Daniel
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, Earth, Things To Do In
Orispaa, Freddie
Brushing Teeth
Palmer, John R
Ford Aspire, The
Pancella, Angela F M
Unicorns, Reality Of
Paterson, David Alan
English, Understanding Spoken
Patterson, Stephen
Hatfield, Herts, England, UK, Earth
Wolves, A Non-Mythical Account
Reality Crossovers
Petro, Mark
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, Earth
Pickrell, Brian
Throwing Book
Placebo, Professor
Homeopathy - Article Two
Posthuma, Stefan
Usenet And The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Known Galaxy
Powers, C
Moon Hoax, The
Presley, Paul
Pubs, How To Deal With Them
Mornington Crescent
Race, Angus Garfield, Dave Hodges' Guide
Alcohol Guilt In Students
Reed, Robyn C
Conservation Of Cookies, General Principle Of
Regebro, Lennart
Iceland, Earth
Reid, Frank
Revulsion, Elizabeth Barett
Absolute Zero
Rhiemeier, Joerg
Progressive Rock
New Zealand, Earth
Swimming With Clothes On
Black Trenchcoats
Prou'Gress Ivro'K
Rice , Aaron
Roman Numerals
Rice, Aaron
Musical Chairs
Aggressive Giving
Incremental Self-Promotion
Leap Years
Blue Christmas
Conversation Entry Point
Random Sort Method
Law Of Gravity, The
Busker's Arc
Jelly Babies
Paperless Office, The
Printer Ink Cartridge Refills
Car Alarms
Typographical Errors
Aggressive Shopping
Lost Property
Problem Solving
Cash Machines
Beginner's Luck
Avoiding Conversations
Traffic Cones
Speed Bumps
Public Address Systems
Paper Clips
Avoiding Items By Convention
Answer Phones
Sweeping Statements, Disproving
Writing Style Of A Tabloid Journalist
Ineffective Methods Of Promoting Silence
Mobile Phones
Football, Association
Communicating With The Dead, A Guide To
Definition: Everything Else
Infinity, The Truth About
Alien Invasions, How To Fake
Review Procedure, The Official
Ignorance, A Defence In Law
Drawing Conclusions
Fossilised Hamburger Of St Albert, The
Einstein, Albert, The Non-Existence Of
Santa Claus, The Privatisation Of
Santa Claus, The Early Years
Beef War, The
Schroedinger's Dog
Beginning, The
Only Fools And Horses
Quartered Sandwiches
Meaning, The, A Non-Religious View
Hell, A Tourist's Guide
Food Conspiracy, The
Rich, Lloyd T
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster -- Terran Version
Richards, Tim
Cairo Taxi, How To Catch A
Richert, Margit
"Oland, Sweden, Earth
Risacher, Daniel Robert
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Robert, Kirrily
Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia, Earth
Robert, Kirrily Brooke
Robitaille, Daniel
Rogers, Jim
Astrology, Proving And Disproving
Rohde, Mike
Unfortunate Life Of David Kilbourne, The
Underrated Art Of Saute Cooking In America, The
Happy Hour, How To Fit In
Malaroonian Star System
Roques, Arnaud
Roraback, Johan C
Fast Food
Inge Von Auchne, Little Known Writer
Roren, Dennis
Sjoevik, Smaaland, Sweden, Earth
Trosa, Sweden, Earth
Rudolph, Arthur
Schroedinger's Cat
Russ, Joanna, edited and slightly modified by Jon Nelson
Useful Phrases For The Intergalactic Tourist
Ryckere, John De
Fuzzy Logic, An Introductory Tutorial
Ryckere, John F De
Prophet Margin, The
Saunderson, Michael Robert
Area 51
Schmitt, Gavin
Hats: Berets
Schmitt, Mike
Agent Orange
Hats: Sombreros
Elvis Impersonation
Lemurs Versus Marmosets
Cars, Getting Hit By
Bootlegging, A Guide To
Atomic Bomb, Constructing An
Schmitt, Mike "Gavin"
Lycanthropy, Why I Wouldn't Mind
Profession: Paper Courier
Schmitt, Todd "Baravard"
Pink Plastic Chair Phenomenon
Deadly Yams' Disease
Schone, Robert
Avalon Hill's Diplomacy
Schwartz, Debbie
Booting, Origin Of The Word
Seaborn, Mark
Marketing, A Definition Of
Alien Invasion, The Likelihood Of
Discworld Series, The
Shirokogorov , Vladimir L
Inventions Of Humankind, The Greatest
Shirokogorov, Vladimir L
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Earth
Space Loop
Locust, The, A Game
Volgo Lake Alcohol Consumption Effect
Fish, Basic Uses Of
Shockey, Dave Jr
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA, Earth
Art Of Being, The
Shuta, Vincent Joseph
Assembly Language
Problems With Spelling And Interbeing Relations, The
Dealing With The Lack Of Time
Bushkill Falls
Paddle Boats
Miniature Golf
Siew, Steven K H
IRC, Internet Relay Chat
Siffert, Curt
Sexual Differences In Aliens
Simo, Dave Hodges' Guide
Alpha Centaurian Alcohol Enhancing Device
Sims, Andrew
Bradford, England, UK, Earth (Part 2)
How Can Beggars Afford To Keep Dogs?
Baths, Unusual Use Of
Smith, John
No Charge
Solum, Aleksander
Geeks And... Er... Romance
Squire, David
Salad Days
Squire, David McG
What's In A Name?
Squire, David McGregor
Watermelon Rituals
Pubs Of Carlton/Fitzroy/Parkville, Melbourne, Australia, Earth
Latin, On The _Ad Hoc_ Use Of
Squire, David McGregor/Craig Dillon
Proof Techniques
Steele, Helen
Jomsborg The New
Steinberg, Aephraim M
Struebel, Ira
Idioms And Idiots With The English Language
Stuart, Bill
White Aryan Resistance
Sutherland, Sean
Star Trek
Suviola, Tomi
Alien Identification
Alien Elimination
Tabb, David Richard
Economic Benefits Of Pollution, The
Tann, Chris, The
Tann, Chris, The
Crayfishing, The Art Of
Emu Export Lager (TM)
Gate Crashers' Entrance, The
Sunglasses, Chris Tann's
Towel, Chris Tann's
America's Cup, The
America's Cup Bandwagon
Early To Bed, Early To Rise .....
Andorra, Earth
Austria, Earth
Beer Hunter, The Game Of
Fast Eddies, Perth, Western Australia, Earth
Fountain Diving
Pamplona, Spain, Earth
Running With The Bulls
San Fermin, The Festival Of
York Jazz Festival, York, Western Australia, Earth
Belgian Boy, The Little
Eiffel Tower, The
Lobster Beings
San Jose, California, USA, Earth
Air France
Thomas, Chris
Essay Questions
Thomas, Christopher
Lecture Games
Thomas, Christopher P
Prolific Writing
Black Holes
Thomas, Matt
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Earth
Thompson , Adam
Chaos Theory, Definition Of
Chaos Theory, Origins Of
Tirebiter, George
Catholic Theme Park
Tolle, Gilman
Non-Alcoholic Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster -- Terran Version
Trash, Jim
Travaglia, Simon
X-Rated GIF Site, Astronomers Find
Tucker, Ryan
Weather And Your Health
Top Twenty-Six Ways To Kill Time
Mountain Home, Baxter County, Arkansas, USA, Earth
Calvin And Hobbes
Ice Cream
Tucker, Ryan Steven
Cats, How To Pill
Uhm, Eh
Uhl, Robert Andrew
Uhl's Theory Of Advanced Computronics
Unsal, Cem
Telephone Bills
Vainio, Niklas
Matches, Multiple Uses For
Vloed, Hendrik De
Quantum Leaping
Vogel, Jeff
Professions: Writing Shareware, Drawback Of
vonRoeschlaub, Warren Kurt
New York City, New York, USA, Earth
How To Avoid Being Mugged In New York
Classification Of Religions
Des Moines, Iowa, USA, Earth
Vorbrueggen, Jan
Flight Simulators And The Neural System
Wait, Gregory C
Marriage, How To Ruin A
Wait, Gregory C, aka Xang Woopy 101010
Leif, Miss Universe, And Everything
Infinity, The Trouble With
Towel, What To Do If You Lose Yours
Waterskiing, Zen And The Art Of
Wardley, Andy
Weekes, George Patrick
Martial Animals
Wijnands, Rudy
Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, Earth
Stairs, Travelling
Professions: Waitering: How To Get Tips
Professions: Waitering: Problems And Traumas
Williams, Jason
Compression Sort Transform
Poke And Hope Programming
Winship, Michael
Moose Watching
Wirshborn-Lucker, Andrew
Hartsdale, Westchester, New York, USA, Earth
Woodall, Chester
Pizza Ordering
Xexeo, Geraldo
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Earth
Geneva, Switzerland, Earth
Yagodich, Rick
Diet Coke
Financial Freedom
Multi-Level Marketing
Yifrach, Amichay
Finding The North
Young, Mark
Dreams By Mail
Young, Mark A
Important Tips For Youngsters
Milliways Principle
Young, Mark Anthony
Origins Of The Guide
Library Theft
Galactic Postal Service
Time, Space, And Fathers
Hold, Please
Young, Mark Anthony and Kristian Wiklund
Thirty-Seven Ways To Deep Sea Fish With Four Feet Of Dental Floss
Zerkle, Dan
Self-Destructing Computers

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